Season 1 - Episode 1

Joshua Burnside + Joel Harkin

Curated live performance series
Two artists in collaboration
One intimate location

Help Musicians

We have partnered with the charity Help Musicians who have been a lifeline to artists throughout this difficult year.

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What's our story?

Are you mad?!

Two years ago, we dreamed up the idea of inviting artists to come and collaborate on a gig series somewhere here on the North Coast of this beautiful island.

For our pilot last year, we asked the fabulous LARKS  to sing for us, during the cold winter night, in our favourite cafe Lost & Found. She brought Peter J. McCauley  along for the ride and they both treated us to an hour of glorious music.

So, are we mad?

Maybe! This year, despite the craziness, we’ve gone ahead and filmed our first season with support from ArtsCouncil NI.

Not only do you get to experience a real gig again, but you will also have the option to support the artists involved and the charity Help Musicians, who have been a lifeline to artists in the middle of this mad year.

We look forward to bringing you amazing, intimate music filmed and recorded LIVE, and shot on one camera (almost!) in a single take.

Made with Love,
Stu, Sam & Hannah

Stu is the music producer.
Sam is the video producer & director of photography.
Hannah is artist liason.

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